Selskabet er et bredt psykoanalytisk
orienteret selskab af psykologer og
børne- og ungdomspsykiatere

Michael J. Rustin

Michael J. Rustin is Professor of Sociology, University of East London

Michael Rustin is Professor of Sociology at the University of East London, and Visiting Professor at the Tavistock Clinic and the University of Essex. He has had a major role in the University of East London-Tavistock Clinic academic partnership, through which  he has contributed to the development of many university-accredited programs in the field of psychotherapy and community mental health. A long-standing interest in the social and political relevance of psychoanalytic ideas has colored his career, and he has been working on developing research methods appropriate to the study of unconscious mental life.

Michael Rustin is author of For a Pluralist SocialismThe Good Society and the Inner World: Psychoanalysis, Politics and Culture, and Reason and Unreason: Psychoanalysis, Science and Politics, as well as two books jointly written with Margaret Rustin. In 2016 they have jointly published Reading Klein, an introduction to the work of Melanie Klein. He is a co-editor of Stuart Hall’s Political Writings, also  published in 2016, and a founding editor of Soundings.
Michael Rustin is an Associate of the British Psychoanalytical Society.