Onlinekonference om Francoise Dolto – 14. oktober 2023

F66 Francoise Dolto & The Other French School A UCL Psychoanalysis Unit Online Half-Day Conference | UCL Online Store

The French newspaper Le Monde announced the death of Françoise Dolto in August 1988 with an article that began: “She was France’s favourite granny, the only psychoanalyst whose language was accessible to everyone, the ‘wise granny’ everyone dreamt of.” The millions who listened to her two years of weekly broadcast on national radio and watched the special issue about her on the prestigious television show Apostrophe, felt guided by her as parents. Yet Dolto is curiously unknown in the English-speaking world and ignored by the IPA-affiliated French psychoanalytic schools.

In this conference, we aim to reveal her rich conceptual developments and their multiple clinical implications, which may provide many missing links between our psychoanalytic concepts as they currently stand and help participants with the complexity of their daily practice.   


Sharmini Bailly
British Psychotherapy Foundation and Essex Partnership University Trust, UK

Catalina Bronstein
British Psychoanalytical Society and University College London, UK

Catherine Dolto
Françoise Dolto Archives, France

Angela Joyce
British Psychoanalytical Society, UK